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erson on the scooter was dragged. >> thousands around the world believed he was innocent not a single court agreed. troy davis put to death last night this morning the outrage continues. day after new facebook changes created quite a buzz. users are in for even more changes today. what you need to know is coming up. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. well, let's look from the tower cam. the darn fog is sticking around. today it is mixed with rain drops. one day closer to the weekend i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. friday eve. we have the same kind of weather conditions we have had most of this week. morning fog, morning mist and we have had some rain during the overnight and early morning
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hours let's start with a look at sentinel radar. at this hour, not so much in the way of rain, a couple spots we are seeing a little bit of precipitation here is one spot of heavy rain north and east northeastern maryland. there were areas during the overnight hours that did get rain showers and heavy rain showers come through, but again that pushed off to the north and east more precipitation down to the south you can see the general motion will bring it across the mid-atlantic later on today. we have to say we have a threat of showers and maybe a couple thunderstorms in our forecast gain today current temperatures around the region. regan national, 69 degrees. dulles international 70 degrees, bwi marshall, 65. forecast today looks like this lots of clouds around morning fog, misty conditions periods of rain here and there. some thunderstorms possible in the latter part of the day and during the evening look for a
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high of 79 degrees in the district that is the latest on the weather more coming up later. steve and alison back to you. we continue to follow a traffic alert. >> a hit and run involving a car and scooter closed down part of rockville pike. stacy cohen live on the scene on that busy area. good morning. >> reporter: i will tell you what happened and then have julie wright tell you the work around i did see a tow truck show up. you can hear the horn going behind me that is because the scooter remains jammed this this vehicle police are not willing to remove that scooter until they have completed their investigation it has been stuck like this since 1:00 a.m. this morning. let me take you to captain paul stark who explains how this all started. >> what witnesses stated is that, operator of a scooter had stopped for a red light,
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edmonton drive. the light changed green traffic started to go north the scooter was struck from behind by a buick he sabre. >> that buick continued one mile down rockville pike, pulled a u turn police caught up with him the driver of the scooter is in critical life threatening condition at a local hospital the driver of the buick has been taken away for questioning, it is unclear exactly what caused the crash whether or not there was alcohol involved, drugs, or speed all remains part of this ongoing investigation i saw a tow truck show up, that is a sign they are hoping to move this process along. >> the good news, tow truck on the scene and now the northbound side of the highway reopened, travelling from the winter green shopping center, edmonton, northbound side of the highway reopened southbound, the direction 06 our rush hour commute remains closed gain, southbound closed
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between deerfield and edmonton. northbound 355 reopened let's map out problems for you if you are travelling in wall door of this is where we had the accident activity northbound 301, cedarville road left side of the highway remains closed off because of the crash. if you are continuing out of wall door of heights, police are at a crash there, and marlboro, water street reopened that is good news as well as main street all that activity gone. south of leyland tieing up, accident activity, southbound 270, folks bailing out using that as the alternative. big delays coming in out of frederick leaving i-70, an hour commute coming southbound 270, trying to work your way down toward the capitol belt way, 66 accident activity pushed over to the right shoulder delays out of manassas , through centerville, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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new this morning, 34 people homeless after this apartment fire in howard county, three dozen firefighters called to the fire on stevens forest road columbia, 1:30 a.m. when they got there they found people trapped on the upper floors, three people rushed to the hospital all expected to be okay. our other big story troy davis execution he was put to death even though there were questions about his guilt at 11:08 p.m. he was pronounced dead the case gained national attention after 7 sit witnesses who hell -- seven witnesses who helped convict him, backed off their testimony. >> seven of the nine recanted we don't have reasonable doubt. with that much doubt how do you take a man's life. >> large crowds of supporters
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gathered out side the prison in atlanta protesting the call for davis to be put to death right before he died he told the prison audience he was innocent. >> another execution overnight a white supremacist died by lethal injection for a black man in texas he is accused of chaining james brewer to the back of a pick up truck and dragging him to his death 13 years ago. a third man is serving life in prison. hundreds of university students turned out for a memorial service for dominique fraser the 18-year-old was stabbed to death by her roommate in their dorm following an argument over music. funeral services being held tomorrow. >> two prince georges county police officers indited for beating of a university of maryland student, turned themselves into police both posted a $75,000 bond and were
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released, it happened in march 2010. the two officers facing assault charges in a statement, the president of the police union said both officers have had long and exemplary careers. developing on the hill, government shut down looming now house gop leaders regrouping after a surprise loss on a measure to provide more than $3 billion for disaster relief the defeat came at the hands of democrats and tea party republicans, democrats were opposed because it contained cuts in a government loan program to help car companies build fuel efficient vehicles. they felt the underlying bill committed spending at too high of a rate. barack obama pushes for his jobs bill today and will trade on gop turf to make a point. republicans say the trip is more about politics than jobs.
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the president heads to ohio today, setting his sights on two top republicans here in washington. this bridge is in lousy shape workers found all kinds of problems including cracked wells and traffic is being rerouted because the bridge is now closed this is not the kentucky bridge president obama is visiting. >> you plan to tell the president he is at the wrong bridge? >> no, there is no upside in that. >> instead the president is focussing on a bridge farther east, one that spans more political distance while it may not be the worst bridge in these parts it connects kentucky with the swing state of ohio the home of republican house speaker john boehner and kentucky is the home state of mitch mcconnell. >> president obama may think the best way to distract people from challenges we face, is to stand near a bridge in a swing state and pitt one group of
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americans against another and hope his critics look bad if they don't go along with him. i don't think he is fooling anyone. >> this is part of a pressure play, designed to show a plan he hopes most will back. >> now is time for us to upgrade our roads, bridges schools. we used to have the best airports best roads, best bridges, best ports. >> reporter: this is a case where the worst bridge may not make the best point. even the white house admits the location today makes a political point one the president hopes will res nate. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. later this hour we will take a closer look at the jobs bill debate. two former members of congress will join us in studio to discus the debt reduction proposal in 20 minutes. field of republicans trying to take president obama's job meet tonight for another debate in orlando. it is sponsored by fox news channel and google.
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gop candidates stepping up their criticism, rick perry noted while mitt romney was governor of massachusetts they trailed 40 other states in job creation, romney pointed out unemployment in texas is at the highest point since 1987 some big questions will come from every day folk who is submit questions via google. trial involving some alleged campaign tricks in maryland, set to get under way today two aids to a former governor accused of initiating robo calls before elections called recordings told residents that democrat martin o'malley already won and there was no need to still go vote. such calls are seen as a way to suppress african american voter turn out. >> from trick calls to no voice mail for people trying to bury loved ones until last year the cemetery had no voice mail
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system set up for people to leave messages about funeral arrangements coming from a new report on changes arlington made in the wake of a burial scandal numerous families gave up on hopes of burying loved ones at arlington because they could never get through to anyone to make arrangements. a special visit by the pope to his homeland in germany. >> how the u.s. hikers freed from iran are spending their first full day of freedom two years in the making. a lot of users confused and angry, as facebook makes changes to the website. this morning more changes are coming. details up next. as we take you to break a live lookout side, yeah, that tells the story a rainy, yuck type of day but we are going to get the official forecast. it will include more than just yuck and traffic when we come back stay with us
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making headlines, two americans released from an iranian prison spending their first full day of freedom in seclusion with their families they arrived in owe man under a $1 million bail deal and embraced their relatives on hand was sarah, freed by iran last year all three were detained in july 2009 along the iran, iraq border accused of spying. benedict the 16th is back home in germany he arrived in berlin this morning on his first state visit to his homeland the german chancellor was among those meeting the pontiff on the red carpet in berlin he will address partment and a cart quarter million people will -- and a quarter million people will attend a service. back here at home the
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impact of the recession new census figures show in record setting numbers young adults are shunning long distance moves, delaying marriage and buying homes young adults are experiencing the highest unemployment since world war ii and risk living in poverty more than others. 7:15 a.m. let's check with tony with our forecast. lovely day. >> yeah, i feel like a broken record because it is the same as what we have been seeing the past few days. we have some light drizzle, mist, fog some spots have rain,. >> same as it ever was. >> same as it ever was. >> take a look here is your weather headline thursday, and yep, alison it is more of the same, and it will be for a few days i think, you know, the level of rain that we get the amount of rain we get will vary
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day today, still we will be in damp conditions for a couple days, sentinel satellite radar, plenty of clouds, some areas of rain clouds not a lot a lot of heavy rain to our north, that is about it for the last couple hours and again we can't rule out more showers with heavy rainfall or some storm activity this afternoon and evening. here is a look at the five day forecast, high today, 79 degrees that is actually one degree above normal, showers here and there during the course of the day, maybe a thunderstorm, tomorrow, even a better chance of showers and some of the rain could be heavy during the day tomorrow saturday, sunday, we've put in a chance of showers here and there, monday the same thing. that is a look at what is happening with the weather we will have more coming up in a little bit. >> more of the same. check in with julie hi julie. >> hey, you guys unfortunately not a lot has changed on the roads, let's get to it
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travelling out of wall door of, accident activity, police still on the scene of that crash, upper marlboro road, 301 over by swan son road. southbound 270, heads up accident activity remains, southbound 270, rockville blocking the left lane. coming from i-70 down 28 over an hour of a commute. stacy cohen had been reporting live from the scene that portion of 355 remains closed, southbound side toward near edmonton, northbound reopened. i-95, leaving prince william pang way no incidents to report, -- parkway, no incidents to report. i expect you will be blocking the right lane that is a check
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of your fox 5 on time traffic. leave your car keys at home, car free day organizers say more than 9,000 people have pledged to take part in this. people worldwide are encouraged to walk, bike, use mass transit work at home or find other alternatives the using their cars car free day events are being held throughout the area, free shuttle rides frederick county, give aways and prize drawings at montgomery metro rail stations. virginia, officials are celebrating their 4th annual try transit week. >> capitol bike share is celebrating its anniversary since it began it attracted more than 17,000 members now has more than 100 stations around dc and arlington tonight's birthday bash, will be held at the yard park in dc starting at 6:00 p.m. the public is invited to enjoy music, free cupcakes and drinks and of course bike races.
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we continue to monitor metro the transit agency's general manager speaking out about this video, a driver throwing a man out of the bus and on the ground. he said he never wants to see any metro employee behaving like this the man was being belligerent and may have posed a danger to the driver but the driver no longer works for metro but won't say whether he quit or was fired. >> metro will focus on safety and security during a meeting one topic to be discussed, esculator performance. the reason there are so many problems now things did not get taken care of in the past like they should have and the problem snowballed. the plan to raise tolls is up for vote in maryland. they are needed to pay for repairs and projects such as
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the intercounty connector the board is expected to vote on a propose toll wave the monthly $1.50 easy pass account fee for folks that use the toll facilities, three or more times a month. >> facebook is tweaking the pages of its 750 million users and many of you have made it clear you don't like it. >> yesterday users woke up to find their home pages altered with what facebook called top stories followed by recent stories listed in con logical order a so called ticker live feed of ongoing activity that appears in users news feeds. more changes could be announced today. facebook is holding its annual developers conference in san francisco we will talk more about that when the washington post tech reporter joins us at 8:30 a.m. we are also subscribing to your friends activities. >> do you like it? >> not really. new concerns --
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>> i liked it simple. >> i liked it how it was like 20 years ago. >> okay. >> real simple. >> when you had to find a pay phone to call someone. >> sure. >> life may have been easier then. new concerns about a recent health scare involving cantaloupe. how the deadly listeria outbreak hit close to our area. >> better news about produce in the form of tomatos, everything is new the new tomato. >> new technology. new tomato, new home. >> i like that. >> not new home but sprucing it up. >> i like that very much. holly this morning getting new ideas, in chantilly at the capitol home show here to help you out with home improvement projects this could be your new living room, outdoors indoors. >> i like it. >> we will check with holly coming up án8b@@d2 o@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create
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as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america... has always been... and always will be... a smart investment. at&t.
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some time between now and saturday, a nasa satellite will crash down to earth scientists can't predict where only the 6 tonne satellite will come down any where between ready for this alison,. >> yes. >> alaska and southern tip of south america. >> pretty big land mass. >> large area. >> most of it will burn up only 26 pieces are expected to hit the ground. we will talk with an expert from nasa in our 9:00 a.m. hour. >> answers i can't wait. >> one time. >> where i should not be friday. >> national book festival expanding two days this year. julianne moore and others are among the best selling authors this year the library of congress is expanding the festival to make it easier for visitors last yearlong lines prevented some from seeing their favorite authors it runs saturday and sunday. also on the national mall this weekend, look at this,
7:27 am
solar decathlon college teams busy building a solar village west potomac park. the team from university of maryland is leading the other teams, they already had an electricity meter installed this week and passed inspections ahead of the others. >> excellent. >> pretty cool, you can go down and check that out on the mall. >> 7:27 a.m. up next the president pushing his jobs plan it won't become reality unless there is support from both sides to have aisle he is running into opposition from an unexpected place. and as we head to the break a live lookout side, a grey day out there, the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie next at 7:27 a.m.
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you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin
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bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america... has always been... and always will be... a smart investment. at&t.
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what? >> that is not necessary. >> come on now. >> season premier of the x factor, taking quite a turn when a contestant decided to bare the important parts the blogger, tried to impress
7:31 am
performing his original song i'm a stud, adding a few saucy moves just one but it was enough to make paula sick she left the judges table went to the bathroom was literally almost sick returned a few minutes later. >> now if he really wanted to make the headlines he should have done pants on the ground. >> that's right. >> there will never be any cross over. >> of course he did not make the cut. you never know. >> one of the low lights. >> you liked it >> i am frankly over those kind of shows, i thought that was a great show last night i thoroughly -- i thought the opening 15 minutes was killer, drew you in, there was some good performances. >> what do you thing about the whole english thing? that was a complaint in my house it is an english -- the host is english you know ryan seacrest is english they had the english pop star and then simon what did you think? >> well, the host you know, he
7:32 am
is almost nonexistent not much for him to do. that didn't bother me and cheryl what's her name? >> cheryl cole. >> she is huge. >> yeah, well, they have parted company with her she has been replaced now so she is in the first few episodes it will be a little less english. >> second half of the show, yeah, what's her name the pussycat doll? >> nicole came on during the second half. >> i thought it was good and it was less of the crazy hokey stuff and more talent. >> funny what we do. >> i liked it. >> good deal. all right. what's going on. >> oh, you know, rain, fog, overall miserable conditions. >> i just stepped outside our studios, it is not raining here but as soon as you hope the door you feel the humidity definitely humid, clouds, -69d degrees right now here -- 69
7:33 am
degrees right now here in washington that is a malfunction in the software. >> sorry. >> don't worry about that. looks ominous, that is just nothing a malfunction. >> okay. >> don't worry people in haggers,town are going what is happening. nothing. 70 fredericks burg and 67 degrees haggers, town. now sentinel radar here we go, washington, couple showers east, that is it really shower activity still see shower activity extreme northeastern maryland. most of the area is seeing mist, fog a couple spots, drizzle regan national, reporting drizzle you can see we have a lot of moisture to work with. stuck in this pattern this rainfall in the southeast, will make its way through the mid- atlantic we have a chance of showers later today could it dissipate? yeah, but we have to keep in
7:34 am
the chance of rain coming through and maybe a thunderstorm later on. here is our future cast tries to give us an idea what we expect today it is showing us a little precipitation clouds of course, put this in motion for you here is the interesting thing about the future cast for the bulk of the day this does show sunshine later this afternoon middle part of the afternoon, we will see we will see, that will be a nice thing, around 6:00 p.m. scattered showers, well out to the west, well off to the south and east not so much in washington and then like last night during the night time hours, that is when we see more showers pop up during the overnight hours is what i want to say. that would be nice get a little sunshine. today mostly cloudy skies showers and thunderstorms possible, 79 degrees for your high, tonight we will see a low in town upper 60s. maybe showers, thunderstorms overnight, 5 day forecast, more of the same we are simply stuck in a pattern we have had to add
7:35 am
chance of showers for saturday and sunday and, for monday as well, hopefully we can tweak this back in the direction we want to go in that is what it looks like now. that is what is happening with the weather now julie wright with more on the traffic. >> all right tony, a lot of folks tweeting me, talking about the inbound commute, 270, that won't ease up accident activity remains, in the left lane. for you guys out of frederick, an hour and 22 minute commute i-70, toward the capitol belt way, a lot of guys are bailing out using 270, deadly crash on 355, remains stacy cohen will be with us shortly southbound lanes remain closed northbound has been reopened travelling the outer loop of the belt way route 1 college park colesville road all your lanes are open, a 30 minute ride, southbound 95 slow coming in
7:36 am
from laurel, southbound 29, accidents reported 198, for those travelling on the belt way, montgomery county inner loop crashed, tieing up from the left causing slow downs, south of 270 this traffic once you get down on the inner loop, bumper to bumper, accident scene, virginia, 395, no incidents to report duke street, seminary road crossing the 14th street bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. president obama heading to ohio to out the his $447 billion jobs plan he says, it will help get americans back to work and provide a boost to the u.s. economy. here to talk all things politics, former democratic congressman, marty russo and former republican, we are honouring to have both of you
7:37 am
with us this morning we have a plan for deficit reduction, jobs coming from the white house marty i will start with you the democrat representing here are these plans a tougher sell to republicans or folks within the democratic party? seems it is getting tougher for some of these democratic candidates so openly say they are going -- to openly say they are going to jump onboard. >> the jobs program is a program where democrats, republicans, have been in the past. some of it is the payroll tax holiday, both democrats, republicans have supported it in the past. the next part deals with infrastructure. in all the years i have been in congress and you were there, the transportation bill, it is always bipartisan and the last piece is unemployment compensation you can't agree on
7:38 am
something everybody voted on in the past it sends the wrong message to the american people this piece, in the past, move on, to deal with the bigger problem, which is long term deficit reduction and how to restructure the economy in terms of this particular piece of legislation, you know, i am still hoping there is some bipartisan ship left and let the american people say yes, they can work together. stuff they voted on in the past, i just don't get it. will they vote for it? >> i think the payroll tax probably passes but i will tell you there are people, who are concerned that what we are doing is robbing the future of social security, this is money not going into the social security trust fund so there are people beginning to raise questions about that. some infrastructure issues look like another stimulus package for most republicans it is not money going to end up going into the creation of jobs, in
7:39 am
the private sector that we need to have created. and, that is i think going to be a heavier lift and the fact is democrats in the senate, many whom are running for re- election are very wary of a stimulus package the last one failed and the last thing we need to do is put more deficit money, into another massive failure in the economy. what we need to do is figure out a way, to relieve some regulatory burden, some litigation burden, taxation burden that exist on private industry right now and particularly on small business and if you focus in that direction i think you can get bipartisan cooperation there was none of that in the president's job proposal. >> seems with these proposals that come out it is not a black and white vote for this, don't vote for this, it tempts the fates which is fine but as you said bob everybody has their own thought as to what part of this should be acted on.
7:40 am
which part should be extrapolated from the big picture are we going to get anything done if we keep pulling them apart. >> what is frustrating in terms of infrastructure. all the years i have been there. we always passed bipartisan infrastructure. the infrastructure private and public are working together to fix repairs the president will be at the bridge that needs a lot of repair there are a lot of bridges in our country we have been talking about that for years when i was in congress last i heard we got to spend $100 billion a year to keep up with it that was 20 years ago. i can only imagine what that price tag is. >> but we did it marty with money in the trust fund to pay for it what is happening here money is being pulled out of the general budget, it is money that is not trust fund money,
7:41 am
and so therefore, there is a question about whether or not we can expand the deficit more to do projects, worth more being done on borrowed money. >> the question that i am concerned about is something you raised we are taking $245 billion out of social security that is a bigger concern to me. in terms of infrastructure, when you get private, public sector going there is a lot more incentive to do things that doesn't cost the government much but at least shows the american people, some to have things we used to agree on, we can actually pass it, but how can we say no, we are not going to pass it. we kept sending all the bad messages. >> but we agreed on it in those times it was out of money that was already put into a trust fund to be expended for that purpose now what we are talking about is expanding the deficit significantly in order to do things that in the past had failed those public private
7:42 am
partnerships did not work. we need twice as much money. >> sounds like we need you guys back up on the hill you ready for another go around? >> not really. >> we appreciate you being with us we hope to see you both again soon we appreciate it alison back to you. >> all right. 7:41 a.m. on thursday morning coming up a project 10 years in the making has the qwest to make a tastier tomato paid off. d plñl án8b@@d2 o@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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deadly impact of a listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupe hit our area. cdc say as person in maryland died eating the tainted melon seven other deaths happened in new mexico, colorado, oklahoma. 55 people have gotten sick the cantaloupe in question have been traced to jensen farms in colorado. ten years in the making in this green house a new sweet tomato was born called the tasty lee, a scientist at
7:46 am
university of florida developed it from a cross breed of two plants tomato was ready four years ago but took time for a seed company to produce it. the tomato is a fruit, so perhaps, a sweeter version might be more fruit like. >> cool. >> yeah. >> i like it as my grand father did with salt. >> do you eat them like an apple. >> as did mine. i am moving along. >> a little trivia for you about my grand dad. >> great. >> here is a look at the radar, hd radar, you are seeing a little shower activity, off to the east. okay why are we stuck in this pattern, jet stream area of low pressure off to the west, high pressure, parked to our east presents us with a closed low and it is just parked there for
7:47 am
the weekend we will get more of the same for the foreseeable future. the forecast, more today, chance of rain showers every day temperatures ranging from mid-to upper 70s. more weather later. >> thanks. let's check with julie. >> all right you guys, still very much a busy commute for everybody on the roads, now hearing 355 is reopened, in each direction travelling between deersville road and edmonton. stacy cohen reporting live from the scene will give us an update, 270, an hour and 25 minute commute leaving i-70, toward 28 and rockville the accident activity has been moved to the shoulder inner loop at the belt way, crash cleared outer loop 95 to georgia and 395 on the brakes, across the 14th street bridge that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. design inspiration, remodeling tips, new ideas everything you need to spruce up the home that is what you
7:48 am
will find at the capitol home show. >> we love it when holly is there. good morning. >> i am checking out my new outdoor living space as we speak we are in chantilly they are set up for the capitol home show, 200 plus businesses, with all fresh ideas for your home. we will tell you why you need to come out and be inspired, this weekend. it is all live next fox 5 morning news until i get this i will have to invite you guys to this booth. we can hang out here.
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♪ ♪ hey, uh what's up with your naked toilet paper? yeeaah, i noticed that, man. inappropriate. naked toilet paper? i don't know what you're... your cottonelle roll just sittin' out? seriously... it's primitive, man. yeah, you're taking it for granted. just cover it up. huh. a roll cover...fancy. that stuff will make your day. toilet paper that nice? deserves respect. respect the roll. [ female announcer ] new cottonelle clean care toilet
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paper. get your roll cover at there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. well, it is time to fall in love with your home all over gain. the capitol home show kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend >> holly is at the expo center in chantilly, preparations are under way for the home design
7:52 am
event i love everything i see. >> me too. i want to do all the projects not just one but it only takes one thing to change in your house to make it feel new. it could be something that costs a lot or very little you will get ideas on every budget level. alison kaplan is the showman that injury she joins me. good to see you. >> my first question is this, are these shows -- they have always been important but now are they almost more important than ever because the housing market is not great and people aren't buying new. >> that is definitely true we are finding people instead of buying that big new amazing dream house they are taking their current house and making it their dream house so they can come here and get all the ideas and plans and all the people they want to talk to. >> there is a lot of people for them to talk to. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about what people will find. >> sure think will see the consistent, windows, remodeling, home decor, we also
7:53 am
have a lot of new products, we have products that will help homeowners go green within their homes and save energy, there is a lot of outdoor products, we have new exhibitors, such as the ones that we are standing in front of that help you bring entertaining features from your home outside of your home so you can do that all year round. it is a lot of the same vendors or you have some new ones. >> we always have a nice mix of the same exhibitors, who do a great deal of business at this show and a great mix of new exhibitors who have new products, and new businesses, that are launching it is always a nice mix. you will have some celebrities. >> we have eve from bravo the third season winner and sash sha from hgtv. >> you will have the workshops
7:54 am
as well. >> cooking demonstrations, mike mcgraph will be here talking about getting your lawn ready for the season coming up, and other outdoor. >> right now people are probably going i am not sure that is something i want in my house they are looking at pictures of big boxes filled with sand explain that. >> the big sand boxes will become an maizing, one of a kind sculpture, we have a sand sculptor working on it through today and through the show i don't want to say what it will be it will be maizing and interactive throughout the show. well, you said we were standing in front of the whole outdoor living space do you find that is a big trend? i feel like we have been talking about creating that outdoor space for a few years. >> definitely people are taking what they have inside and putting it outside so they can be in their home people may not be vacationing like they used to and entertaining in their home this way they can be inside and outside enjoying themselves at home.
7:55 am
>> i know today is not a great weather day, we do have great weather here, three seasons we can use our outdoor living space that is a good investment as well what is different this year? it is only in one hall so people will be happy about that. >> i think so, i mean you don't have to walk across the parking lot and we are wall to wall, exhibits and features and there is still a great deal to see and it is going to be a great show. >> something new in terms of the washington home show, you guys have joined. >> yes, we have taken ownership of the washington home and garden show. >> when is that? >> in march. >> you can start your projects here if you need help, this is one of the points you all are making come here and learn how to finish those projects you started. >> sure. some times it is year round people start and are working on it throughout the year and there is always things you can do to add to what you are doing and people come to our shows over and over, to talk with the
7:56 am
same people to add to what they have done in the past. >> right. >> do you have a workshop how to get your better half to make sure they have finished the project they have started. >> i don't think that is possible. i don't know i have one i call mr. 75% so. >> hilarious. the best way to navigate the show just go up and down the aisles. >> i think. there is not a bad seat you hit every aisle definitely doable in a nice part of the day. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it greatly the show opens tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. runs friday, saturday and sunday, our website, we have a link to the capitol home show's website $7 your tickets, online, that is the tip of the day because it is $10 if you wait to get in at the door n. our next hour, if you are like that is great i would love to have that outdoor living space but it is not in my budget they teamed up with
7:57 am
habitat for humanity and are redesigning with the restore we have done the restore before you know what you can find there and we will get tips one of my favorites they will tech us how to make -- teach us how to make window screens into art work. >> cool. >> i may just live out there if i had that. >> sleep out there summertime. at 8 talking traffic, new speed cameras up and running in st. georges county. >> big old number of facebook users fuming over changes to the social networking site. coming up at 8 , what exactly is new with the technology writer from washington post. 7:57 a.m.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> fox 5 is on top of breaking news a busy part of rockville pike now open again after a deadly accident involving a car and scooter. >> days after many delays, or after many delays, last minute legal wrangling georgia inmate executed late last night more on his last words.
8:01 am
>> facebook has 750 million users. this morning many are upset about changes to their pages now word the world's largest online social network expected to announce more changes later today. what is in store? we will talk about it coming up. i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. it is fun my how something new and innovative is such a big deal. how dare you change something we have gotten used to. >> when you have enough users for 2.5 times the country's population. >> pretty big deal. >> all about change folks. that is what facebook is. >> from what i understand people are not happy. >> they are not happy -- no right. but i am just saying -- >> we will talk about it later coming up 8:30 a.m. >> i just, got my phone changed, now it is push button. >> yeah. >> crazy. >> it is all happening. but you miss that.
8:02 am
>> weather conditions around the region, sentinel radar, a couple showers, not much precipitation, the main thing we are dealing with this morning, drizzle, and fog once gain. so that is what we've got going on out there. a couple rain showers here and there and more of the same later today. here we go again relative humidity, 100%, temperatures 69 degrees, and i will tell you, i stepped out a short time ago you feel that humidity as soon as you step out of the door winds out of the south 3 miles per hour. a look at the forecast, today and next five days, today, 79 degrees some rain showers here and there maybe a couple thunderstorms later on mostly cloudy, skies, and then rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat. my parents actually have a dial up phone at their house. >> really? >> kind of cool.
8:03 am
before we get to julie wright. we have breaking news. >> within the last 15 minutes, rockville pike reopened both directions of course it had been shut down most of the morning while police investigated a collision between a car and a scooter. the car then pushed the scoot era mile before stopping. and the driver of the scooter was killed the driver of the car is being interviewed by police. let's find out if this is still impacting the morning commute what is going on now >> chef big delays those continuing to work their way around the capitol belt way lanes are open, no accidents to report now travelling southbound along 270, gain, an hour drive as you work your way out of havana headed down towards the lane decide accident, 28 -- lane divide, accident 28 cleared live on the belt way inner loop, connecticut avenue, heading to georgia avenue, 355 has cleared lanes are open, pace improving.
8:04 am
outer loop, 95 headed around toward georgia avenue no incidents reported, springfield interchange lanes open, 395, that is where we had earlier problems to report accident activity north of king street tieing up the center of the roadway. thanks let's check top stories, georgia first where the state of georgia executed troy davis last night davis pronounced dead at 11:08 p.m. despite last minute appeals international condemnation and protests his supporters claim his execution was a serious injustice he was convicted of killing an off duty police officer in 1989 moments before he was executed davis maintained his incense. two u.s. -- innocence. >> two u.s. hikers expected to stay in oman before heading home they were released to family yesterday. both men arrested for crossing the iraqi border in 2009.
8:05 am
locally 34 people homeless after an apartment fire overnight the fire on stevens forest road columbia maryland started on the first floor and trapped people on the upper floor. firefighters recaused more than a half dozen people. -- rescued more than a half dozen people from their apartments three people rushed to the hospital should be okay. >> president obama went to the un yesterday to tell them they are opposed to recognizing the state of palestine. recent moves toward democracy are encouraging but they have unfinished business between the two states for state hood to be granted. mideast expert, rob also the author of the entante. former international
8:06 am
relations professor, georgetown university. >> how did you know i was in trouble there. >> let's start with this unfinished business, seems to be such a huge topic, what is the president talking about exactly when he says that unfinished business needs to be handled? >> i think the president is absolutely correct. neither israeli norpalestinians have really dealt with the core issues that need to be dealt with such as the boarders, return of refugees, jerusalem to be able to really declare this is finally over i think the president rightly is asking the palestinians to delay their decision, for state hood until netanyahu and abas get together. >> why do you think he is going to the un at this time to make the plea? >> i think he believes now that the gaza strip run by hamas is quiet, no rockets flying into israel for now this is time for
8:07 am
him to make his case to the world he sees what is happening in the arab world liberation of libya true tunis,. the momentum of the arab, spring, if you will has that given the movement new fire. >> no doubt it has given the palestinians new fire but your top story was the release the hikers from iran. there is still a lot more left in the middle east, two hikers were released today, but there are still many more imprisoned in places like iran, people like the bahai faith who believe in this faith were imprisoned because of their faith, clerks who believe in separation between religion and state. in the arab world and non- muslim arab world there are many many months to go for us to see true liberation. >> and the president made it very clear about the united
8:08 am
state's stand how far do his words go to that body there? >> i think the palestinians respect president obama he is the winner of the nobel prize he has shown he is in favour of a pal still january state much like former president -- palestinian state much like president bush but the question is how does he bridge this gap that existed all these years between the palestinians and israelis if anyone can do it president barack obama can. >> we talked about benjamin netanyahu what is his message to be tomorrow before the un? >> don't push us on this issue of pal still january state hood why? to israel, the existential threat remains nuclear iran that is what netanyahu will say we cannot afford a palestinian state until the terrorist organizations are in bed with the iranian government, and that is a very valid point he
8:09 am
has and will make. the question i asked amongst other guests on this but i would like to hear your opinion how big of a black eye would this be considered if our european allies went against the u.s. wishes and backed the palestinian state at this time. >> there are some european nations that will support but seems the french and british will abstain. here is another important point alison, no one thought about a blueprint for a palestinian state assume tomorrow you give the keys to them, how are they going to fix the roads, attract tourism there is no marshall plan for rebuilding palestine that is missing and has been for quite some time. >> takes steps to get there but the u.s. is in support in the long time. >> absolutely. >> author of the pragmatic.
8:10 am
>> entante. >> perfect. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me steve over to you. the statistic when it comes to the number of americans living in poverty that number at an all time high, one in four children are in families struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their head. mark will join us after the break. a wet one out there, we will see thunderstorms today, stay with us tucker is here at 8:30 a.m., tony here 8:15 a.m. right boys? plñl án8b@@d2 o@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@r
8:11 am
8:12 am
e f
8:13 am
69 degrees, 8:13 a.m., let's look at stories making headlines the hunt on for a man involved in an armored car heist and shoot out in the district yesterday morning cvs drugstore, georgia avenue. no one in the store was hit. police detained two men they have not been charged, two others drove off one went into a local hospital with a gunshot wound and the accomplice ran
8:14 am
off. in prince georges county police are looking for help solving two sex crime cases both sexual assaults happened this month in the forestville area last night police were there handing out flyers, looking for new witnesses the first attack happened september 6th a similar assault, 10 days later. both late at night. >> crackdown on tanning salons in dc, 75 pages of new regulations in fact for tanning salons in the district and no one under 14, is allowed. all teens 14 to 17 have to be accompanied by a parent who is required to sinew waiver. -- sign a waiver. >> time to check with tony perkens, it is a lot. we could use one final warm up. >> that's right. >> beautiful tony. >> fall begins tomorrow morning 5:05 a.m., yep, let's enjoy the last day of summer best we can. here is what is going to help my first 5 photo of the day
8:15 am
check her out. >> what is going on. >> yes, she is very cute carly her family says she is always smiling no matter what. >> she is happy. >> well, carly here is to many more smiles i hope you keep smiling good for you and everybody around you too. she is adorable. >> thank you for sending that in if you want to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. all right here is a look at hd radar a little activity here and there across chesapeake bay a couple spot where is you see the green a little light rain falling mainly reports of mist and drizzle. we don't have any heavy rain in the area, at this hour, we did have some overnight that all moved out so, scattered showers, and more of the same, during the course of the day today. temperatures around the region indeed around the
8:16 am
nation. 69 decision right now here in -- degrees right now here in washington rally, 72, 50s out to the west, 57 detroit, 54 cincinnati dallas, 70 degrees, check out the north, bismark north dakota, 29 yes, below freezing, pier south dakota, below freezing, 21. warm across the southwest and western united states, warm day there again but no record breakers. highs 70s. mid-to upper 70s. chance of showers today and tonight maybe a couple thunderstorms as well mostly cloudy skies and more of the same through the weekend. all right that is a look what is happening with weather now to julie. >> last day of summer the least you can do is offer to buy me a
8:17 am
nutty buddy. >> would you enjoy it today and. >> any day of the week. >> what am i thinking. on the roads, very much a tough ride not much has changed accident activity, deersville and edmonton, cleared, that wreck at 28 also cleared, an hour and twelve minute ride for you there. i-95, 216 to the belt way 20 minute commute those travelling southbound, baltimore washington parkway. 198 out of laurel headed down toward the belt way, 29 headed down toward the belt way 40 minute commute as you sit in all that bumper to bumper traffic. the incident at king street squeezing the right lane big delays as you travel northbound, 14th street bridge find delays on the inner loop old georgetown road, accident cleared to the shoulder that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie thank you according to new data released by the census bureau number of
8:18 am
americans living in poverty jumped to an historic high, 16 million children included. this morning senior vice president for save the children u.s. children's program is here good to see you we always seem to talk to you when we have problems out there, you come in to try to help us out. i want to look at these numbers people living below the poverty line, 46 million people living below the poverty line, 3 million more than last year we are talking about families bringing in less than $22,000 a year. 46 million people in this country alone numbers are staggering. >> unbelievable the worst we have seen in generations for kids, it is particularly bad we haven't seen these types of percentages of since the mid- 60s. one in four kids in america lives in poverty it is an maizing statistic this is a country that put a man on the moon and the child poverty rate and senior poverty rate were
8:19 am
the same in the mid-70s today the poverty rate for seniors is 9% and kids 25%. we make a commitment toker rad kateing poverty like we did with seniors, we can make a difference like we did when we used imagination to put a man on the moon. we haven't made that commitment as a country toker rad kate child poverty. >> going back 50 years, when we started the war on poverty your father was influential then. 1964. we are slipping back why isn't this working to this point? it is a national commitment in the mid-60s we made a national commitment creating head start, get kids ready to enter kindergarten, job corps, retrain young adults to enter the world of employment when we made that type of commitment over a ten year period into the mid-70s. poverty rates dropped we waiverred on it when country doesn't make a commitment we can't address the poverty rate we have done it with seniors,
8:20 am
seniors have packed, they give money to politicians they can vote kids don't do that, they don't have the money don't have talk shows, they can't vote. if you don't have those types of commitments the political system, will not make a difference in poverty rate. >> what is the biggest fear besides kids growing up in poverty they grow up and become adults >> child poverty rates have cost the country over $500 billion a year in costs juvenile incarceration, health care costs all sorts of issues it is an economic issue i think it is a social justice issue and perpetuates itself leading indicator of a kid growing up in poverty is whether their parents are in poverty for a country we need to make a commitment we need to start implementing policies like effective high quality early education kids can lift
8:21 am
themselves out of poverty. you know as well as anybody what is happening on capitol hill can we still get things like this done? >> it is a question of national will you have a super commit at the looking to make -- committee looking to make cuts there are so many people across the country hoping we don't make the budget and make the kits on the back of the most vulnerable we have to prove we can do it with kids is it going to be hard? no question about it but if this country puts money where a lot of politicians say our kids are the most valuable resource but don't make the investment. >> we will have to wrap things up quickly mark but with save the children your organization helps kids globally whether dealing with famine in africa, earthquakes in haiti. the frustration point when you look at what is happening here domestically compared to around the world what level of frustration? >> profound needs in the horn
8:22 am
of africa, issues in haiti and pakistan, this country, is most generous country on earth we do a great job internationally but should make a stronger commitment here at home there are needs across the world we need to really invest where we can make a difference and we can do that in the u.s. if we invest in high quality programs. >> mar shriver always good to see you. thanks for stopping by alison. >> 8:22 a.m. on thursday morning our neighbors to the north think they have bad commutes but according to new numbers it is nothing like what marylanders have to deal with. details next. >> if you are looking for ideas on how to spruce up your home you are in luck capitol home show is about to get under way fox 5 will take you inside for a preview a little later this hour. >> stay with us
8:23 am
8:24 am
[ dentist ] people refer to jill as "that woman with the great smile." i refer to her as "that woman with the great gums." as jill's dentist, i know that her gums are a foundation of a healthy smile. jill knows that, too -- so she uses crest pro-health clinical gum protection
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toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gum line, helping prevent gingivitis. it's even clinically proven to help reverse it in just 4 weeks. and it protects these other areas dentists check most. crest pro-health clinical gum protection. because healthy smiles are built on healthy gums. life opens up when you do. welcome back everybody. new numbers from the census bureau shows maryland beats new york and new jersey when it comes to the longest average commute, nearly 32 minutes the majority of drivers in virginia drive to another county to get to work. this may help with the commute
8:26 am
today, it is car free day for one day. more than 9,000 dc area drivers made the pledge to walk, bike use mass transit or work from home today. you better be careful more speed cameras in the area as you head to work eight new speed cameras operating near schools in prince georges county they will be switched on officially today you will get the tickets. they are in places like sergeant road, hyattsville. you will get a $40 ticket in the mail. 8:26 a.m. coming up. >> facebook could lose a few friends over its latest changes users got hit with a slew of new features and so far they are pretty unpopular the site is expected to announce more changes later today a closer look when we come back. >> we don't like our changes. tucker is back with a look at our wet weather, tucker barnes slides into the hot seat coming up. see if he can change that forecast. we could see thunderstorms more coming up 8:26 a.m.
8:27 am
ugoo ..
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8:30 am
now we are dipping into old school rem. they are going to call it a career the band known for hits such as end of the world, shining happy people, they announced their break up yesterday on their website a wise man once said the skill in attending a party is knowing when it is time to leave. i find it hard to believe 31 years they have been around. >> incredible. >> i was going say they were the first so called college radio band to make it big. >> well good stuff. >> you got to know when the step out. >> exactly unlike some bands touring for 50 years. >> you got it. i don't know what tony has been telling you all morning
8:31 am
but i will give you the right forecast. >> sunny and 85 today >> you got it. we have been calling for rain i will change things up just kidding. sentinel radar, a couple light sprinkles, east of annapolis, stevensville, you might get a light shower. doesn't mean it is a nice looking day a lot of clouds out there, you know what we got, at least the possibility of more showers, a thunderstorm most of the day will be dry, periods here of possible shower activity another shower there down to the east of 95, down to fredericks burg open it up for you, calling for more rain southerly flow, trapped between two systems, but look what is heading our direction, more rain showers down to the carolinas, that will head in our direction this pattern very slow to break down, here is what is happening, jet stream off to our west closed low that period of pressure out towards chicago, great lakes will not be able to move it is locked in place the pattern is
8:32 am
not going to change we will deal with periods of shower activity maybe some thunderstorms next several days temperatures hanging out in the 70s looks like we will kick it out, early next week several days, of the weather, repeating itself over and over gain. there you go five day forecast 79, showers later today, cooler tomorrow, tomorrow could be more intense periods of rain thunderstorms, saturday, sunday, sorry about that had to throw the showers back in the forecast for the weekened, monday, tuesday looks like we keep the showers around middle of next week before we get it out that is a look at weather alison, down stairs to you. tucker i know you are so excited about this there are big changes expected in the technology world as far as facebook does go. just piggy backing on changes that already happened comes after a day many of the millions of users say we hate what you have done with facebook. here is what we mean a couple of our viewers, they wrote in
8:33 am
to our facebook page and say about the changes you will notice today when you log on ellen says i hate it too many functions popping up asking you to do this and that. they should have left it the way it was. >> not liking it at all, and who asked the users who they wanted or do they want to change so many are against the change. >> joining us now to talk about the change and how it effects all these users haily, washington post tech writer, one of the tech writers good morning. >> good morning. >> people are mad about these changes what is the headline as far as the changes? >> so a few changes they have made, they have changed up the news feed, so top stories that they thing are the most relevant to what you want to read are stuck to the top of the page, there is also a real time news ticker, that shows you what your friends are doing on the site at this moment. >> that is over here. >> yes. >> and that is the top stories
8:34 am
as far as facebook. >> correct. >> the bulk of your wall or what have you changed? what you see in the middle. >> well yeah, so they have decided what are the top stories based on how important they thing the language in the updates are and most recent are below. what are you hearing as far as what people are most resistant too. >> people like facebook the way it is they spend a lot of time on the site get used to their routine so people says the too busy, like your viewer said there are too many functions. >> in essence we were making fun of it but really 750 million users that is huge for us, we know how big facebook is and they woke up to find their home pages changed. >> but that is the right of facebook isn't it? >> there is always -- facebook makes a lot of changes there is always a lot of backlash what they do in a couple weeks months people get used to it. >> there is another big
8:35 am
announcement expected today, 12:30 p.m. our time any uncling what it will be? >> -- inkle what it will be? >> facebook integrating a music streaming, video streaming platform. >> would that be when myspace first came out you could put music on and it became a whole music warehouse. >> it was more it would link in with streaming online services out there, so turntable fm is rumoured to be a partner. >> is that is good thing? do you thing users will like that? >> depends, they are trying to become a one stop shop for entertainment if users are willing to accept that if not google plus just opened its doors. >> do you think they have a chance to compete? >> the site is still in beta, it is hard to say. we will see. >> haily, a washington post tech writer and joins us to
8:36 am
talk about the new changes on facebook, settle down you will get used to it. up there in studio steve. >> we will see what happens. >> things are a mess in greece. taxi strike, airlines canceling flights we will tell you why when we come back. >> richest county in our area, here in washington area, not as rich as they used to be. we will break down the numbers coming up, 8:36 a.m. re
8:37 am
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more protests planned in greece transportation workers going on strike upset with the government announcing 30,000 public job cuts government has to do it if it wants another bailout installment from imf hiking taxes and cutting public sector pensions. if notes they will run out of money and default on debt. this just in, now the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell last week the decline isn't enough to signal improvement in the job market the labor department says weekly applications dropped 9,000 to seasonally adjusted 423,000 applications typically need to fall below 375,000 to significantly lower the unemployment rate. >> if you are looking for work
8:40 am
don't forget to check out our job shop, our job of the day at hagueers town community college it is looking for a customer service representative, pay starts $11.26 an hour for more on this job and others go to click on the job shop tab top of the home page. >> richest home counties are not as rich as they used to be washington post cite new census data, levels are below ten years ago. in montgomery county, 2010 median household income was $89,000. that is $4,500 less than it was in 2000 fairfax county median income last year $103,000 down $3,000 than before. louden county lead gains up $14,000 since 2000 median household income of $119,000. 20 minutes before 9, we
8:41 am
will check with lauren. checking out an ap that already gives you a heads up about great deals at dc restaurants and bars now you can use it to help a good cause holly good morning. >> well, i want you to check out this great deal, how about taking top of like a kitchen hutch kind of thing paint it hang it on the wall, and make it into a wonderful display case. it is all in how you look at it or repurpose it. that is what we are learning how to do at capitol home show, dulles expo center this year they are doing something special, redesign with restore how to make your house look totally new not a lot of money we will talk with an expert live next fox 5 morning news
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
home design and repurposing rooms, that is the new remodeling,. >> i like that. >> a couple topics, that will be at the capitol home show. >> holly morris, at the home show.
8:45 am
holly you know what i am trying to say good morning. >> yes, three days, three opportunities for you to come out and be inspire any show 200 plus businesses will be here. would be booth i want you to spend time in is the one we are in now this is throughly the old adage, one man's trash is another man's treasure. redesign with restore she is a redesigner, interior redesign industry specialist >> i love that. >> we do too. >> this is really a matter of going into someone's home and it is just all in how you see things. >> you know we are all about reusing what they already have we are not into redecorating starting from scratch. >> right. >> reuse what people own and love and treasure. >> are you sent from heaven? >> you have teamed up with habitat for humanity, the restore we love the restore we
8:46 am
have featured it many times you can go and find things very cheap there you have done that and created this cottage room give us idea what you have done. >> it is kind of sprinkled everywhere. we built this, faux fireplace using a large shelf we found at the restore we decided it needed detail we took a kitchen cabinet door and are in the process of transforming this into decorative moulding. >> a kitchen cabinet door turned on its side painted. >> speakle will come later. >> this art work came from a restaurant being remodeled it was the pictures themselves were nice, the frames were awful, the mats were primary colors we recovered them with wall paper repainted the flames and it is just beautiful art work. >> wall paper love that. >> yeah. >> and this, this couch is actually we didn't do a damp thing to it you don't have to transform everything you find
8:47 am
it has actually wonderful pieces. >> the restore it was like $30. >> yes. >> this is one of our prize pieces it is the actual insert from a french door, that we produced our own art, using microsoft power point and just inserted it into the door and hung it on the wall do it with windows, doors anything. >> printed it right off amazing. >> this as you pointed out was the top of a china cabinet we decided would make a really nice wall unit we couldn't find the bottom of it. >> who needs it. >> this is a curtain rod. we are going to use it as a towel rack. display your pretty things. >> absolutely this lamp was a gorgeous patch ceramic and one of our -- peach ceramic one of our members put this around it. you are creative people. >> the this is solid oak the
8:48 am
finish was rough we painted it out with a come pass rose colors of the room. >> i have figured out never under estimate the power of paint. >> right we love our paint doesn't matter if it comes in a can or spray bottle. >> i want to make sure you show people how to do this. >> indeed. >> this goes to show you can do anything with any size window or door. so all this is another piece of clip art and i am using photo corners, if i can get one off here. >> this is a window you picked up at restore. >> yesterday. >> what would that cost? >> i don't know i think they sell them by the square foot depends on size of the window but believe me it was used this was not in good shape. >> this is one of those things you go to restore a lot of this is just for builders think again. >> all in how you look at it i am just using photo conners and using reverse so they stick to the -- corners and using reverse so they stick to the
8:49 am
back of the glass. i think this would be great if you use an old wooden window, do it with photographs if you would hold that for me holly. >> as you do that i will tell everybody again the capitol area home show is going on this friday and saturday, and sunday, here at the dulles expo center, $7 if you get your tickets ahead of time online $10 if you get them at the door some, make sure you get them -- door, so make sure you get them ahead of time, we will talk green products. news you can use don't you think. >> thank you so much. it is 8:49 a.m. venga a free mobile ap that gives users hundreds of exclusive offers use them at restaurants and bars in the district. creators have teamed up with dc central kitchen to give back to the community they need your hell top do that. lauren demarco takes the smart
8:50 am
phone zone on the road to find out more this week. hey, we are in due mount circle where the folks from the venga ap are here taking food donations we want to talk about what it is. we have profiled it before this is one of the creators winston lord how are you? >> good morning. >> thank you for joining me it is basically an ap that keeps you in touch with all the things food wise going on in dc can you talk about it and recent updates. >> sure. yes, venga is your one stop shopping what is going on in town we are working with over 140 restaurants in dc ranging from places like to neighbourhood bars like the ugly mug and buffalo bills is right across the street, so it has been tremendous reaction to people and restaurants seem to
8:51 am
like them. >> you can get information about them like happy hour it is good to download for that today we are here because they are doing something great for the community called stuff a bus. >> we are the proud owners of a 1975, ford superior bus we bought off craig's list for a thousand bucks,. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we are doing a food drive. dcs largest food charity we decided to literally, and virtually stuff the bus with food we can donate people can do one of thee thing, come by and -- three things, come by and drop off food we will happily accept any food. two buy from the virtual market for $5 donation, we can purchase, a half dozen heads of lettuce. so you are out to get awareness about that but you
8:52 am
can also do it right from home. >> go to get and if you download our ap for free, takes less than 30 seconds we and monster will donate a meal in your name. and we will of course put that information on our website. i just want to mention you have this drive going on until the 30th, you have a lot of events coming up what is this weekend? >> a great weekend lined up saturday, we will be at eastern market, 10 to 2:00 p.m., 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., sunday we will make two stops, dupont farmers market, mary beth albright will be there and. >> all the food dis will be happy. >> exactly. >> and also partner with one of our partners to do a brunch on 14th street, sunday but then we also are stopping at the white house farmers market other places and we have great celebrities. >> celebrity chefs.
8:53 am
>> yes, jose andre and fox's own ed henry, thursday at white house farmers market. well, listen we will put all that information on our website and how to done load the ap if you would like -- download the ap if you would like to do that from home goo to look for the morning page. thanks lauren. well, their goal is to collect 5,000-pounds of food so far they have just over 3,000. >> my bet is they will get there. find the bus tonight north side social, 6 to 9:00 p.m. and as winston mentioned white house farmers market event next thursday. >> it took ten years for customers to get their first taste of this treat a scientist in florida developed a sweeter healthier tomato, the cross breed of two plants contained more antioxidant, and a bit
8:54 am
more of a crimson color but it is the taste everyone is talking about leer is the description. >> really i think what makes it stand out, is its ability to produce good flavour. it has more tomato flavour. it is like nothing. >> all right. more tomatoey some say sweeter. a sweeter taste. publix has the exclusive rights in florida and we are told down there they are flying off the shelf. there you go. >> every ten years something like that comes along. >> something you don't hear much about a satellite flying through space headed toward earth is this armageddon alison or just by monday we will be like okay >> i hope monday we are like okay. it will break up some of those pieces are predicted to hit planet earth, starting today, but where will they hit? just ahead in our 9:00 a.m.
8:55 am
hour an expert from nasa. time now 8:54 a.m.
8:56 am
8:57 am
there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
8:58 am
we would like to say good morning to today's facebook fan to have day. julie good morning. she says she is an early riser she probably has half her day in already she is up and out the door by 5:00 a.m. she has to get the kids off to school she is literally getting the kids off to school she has been a bus driver for prince georges county school system for 17 years. thanks for all you do. congratulations we hope you have a great day today. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to our facebook page and post a comment. >> that will do it for this hour fox 5 morning news sarah is back joining alison to take us up until 10:00 a.m. >> right now at 9 a tragic
8:59 am
crash montgomery county, car versus scooter the scooter dragged down the road for a mile we will take you live to the scene from the latest -- for the latest from investigators. >> despite international out cry a georgia inmate put to death protestors around the world believed troy davis was innocent this morning outrage continues. >> eyes to the sky as nasa says a satellite is about to make contact with earth. it is an uncontrolled fall but will there be any way to predict exact time and location of impact we will check with a nasa scientist. our own tucker barnes will check with him and i imagine he is totally geeked out about this. tucker the question we all need to know is where do we hide. >> we will all find out together but i promise you will be the first to know. >> right to the weather forecast that i do know about guess what, we have the possibility of showers and maybe even a thunder storm in the

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